Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What a great time of the year! The leaves are changing, the farmers are in the fields. It's all the sudden getting colder, especially at night. I love it, except for the cold part!

As I think about the seasonal changes, I think about how much we change throughout our lives. Much of the time our change is due to experience. Maybe we don't like barbeque potato chips because we got sick on them once when we were young or we enjoy strawberry ice cream because it reminds us of our favorite childhood vacation.

No matter the experience, whether it big or small, it affects us inwardly.

We need to realize that God is shaping us for his plans. Even when things seem downright unlivable, God has a mission for the pain that you're going through. We can't see it at the time, but given enough patience you will see the results, the reason, the purpose in the pain, sorrow, or grief. The Bible says, "I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord..." He's already got things set, we just have to follow his lead with patience.

Likewise, we must be careful how we as Christians affect those that are around us. A bad experience with a Christian can turn someone away from God so easily and it can be hard to recover their thoughts. We are looked at in everything that we do. We make mistakes, but sometimes others don't consider that we too are humans and we mess up, we sin. From my experience, so many people expect a Christian to have it all together when we don't, we're just forgiven.

I love that bumper sticker... Not Perfect, Just Forgiven. I wish everyone looked at Christians that way. I don't mean to say go on being sinful and with the mindset to make mistakes, not at all. Simply living as we feel God has intended for us to, knowing that we will unwittingly make mistakes along the way. Lets make an extra effort not to blow our top when things get heated or to say one thing and do another. We all mess up, but sometimes we can tough it out better than we do, and for God's glory let's try.

Gladly forgiven...