Friday, September 5, 2008

Homemade Fire Starters

Camping has become a favorite activity of my hubby's and we have been going more frequently now that the little one is older. I'm always looking for ways to make the experience better and found one that is free and makes use of things we would normally just throw away.

Homemade fire starters! All you do is save your leftover toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, or even the rolls that hold aluminum foil or cling wrap and fill them with lint from your dryer. Dryer lint is a known fire hazard material anyway so it just makes sense.

I save mine in those baggies that they put your newpapers in when it's raining... perfect size for a weekend camping trip, just grab one and go.

My hubby was a little dissapointed on our last trip, I might add. We went with a Boyscout leaders family and while hubby was starting our fire, which took a little time, the other family's was off and blazing. I happened to be there when they started their next blaze & wouldn't you know it... lighter fluid was his secret!

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Katey Magill said...

Great idea! This post would be a perfect one to link up to "Twice the Fun Tuesday" at my site

Twice the Fun is a weekly mr. linky about creative recycling that will start next Tuesday (Oct 14.) It would be great to see your post there!