Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Homemade Chai Mix

I got this recipe from the woman's weekend retreat at my church last weekend.  It was wonderfully yummy.. but I must confess I love chai.

I didn't learn who's recipe it was, but I'm glad they shared it!  It rivals a well known version from a home based party line... I can't believe I said that much :)

Spiced Chai Tea Mix

3 cups nonfat dry milk powder
1 1/2 cup sugar (could probably use sugar substitute)
1 cup unsweetened instant tea (I don't like instant tea and didn't notice it at all)
3/4 cup vanilla powdered nondairy creamer
1 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

Combine all ingredients.  Put through blender or food processor- process until powdery.  Store in airtight container for up to 6 months.  Makes 5 cups of mix.

To Prepare:  Dissole 3 tablespoons of mix in 3/4 cup of boiling water.  Stir well.  Use more or less water to suite your tastes.

I hope enjoy it!  I did!

Vera Bradley... New Fall Colors!

Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.

Can we just say Lov'em!?!?!  

Vera Bradley always has the nicest things, and their new fall colors are no exception.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Give a Greater Gift this Christmas!

This Christmas give gifts to kids who would normally get nothing for Christmas.

Every year since 1993 Samaritan's Purse has collected shoe boxes for children around the world that would normally be getting nothing. They call this effort Operation Christmas Child. These gifts send the message of hope and God's love to the children they reach.

Donate gift boxes in honor of someone you know that you never know what to buy. Let them know you gave a child a gift in their name(s). It's a thought thing...

For more information on Operation Christmas child, click here.

It is a very rewarding thing to pick out gifts for a child you don't know. My church has been involved for several years and it is a fun project. We usually set a congregational goal every year to make it a challenge.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Red Envelope Day... March 31st!!

What is it all about?

Red Envelope Day in short, is meant to show our government how we feel about abortion.

Did you know the government is working toward making our tax dollars pay for abortions and our pro-life doctors go against their values and their Hippocratic Oath to keep their jobs? It's real, it's true.

Abortion. A child, a life. When so many in this country long for an infant to adopt. Why does it have to happen?

The idea is to send an empty red envie to the White House representing a child lost to abortion.

If you feel the same way I do.. Do something about it! Start by sending a red envelope to shower the White House with symbolism. The symbolism of a life lost needlessly.

As Notes of Jubilee said "Doing nothing is making a choice too."

Friday, February 27, 2009

90 Minutes in Heaven...

I don't often get to read like I would like to, but I love to read.

I picked up the book 90 Minutes in Heaven at my church library this past week & have to say it's given me a new perspective of Heaven.

I've only had the chance to read from it briefly twice and am surprised at how quick a read it's been.

It's about a man that is basically considered dead at the scene of a car accident. The other victims of the accident are being treated, he is left alone with a tarp over his car, waiting for extraction equipment... not to save him, but to get his body out for his funeral.

During the time he is "dead", he speaks of his experience entering heaven. What an amazing account of what he experienced and how he had to deal with life after that!

Although I've not finished the book yet, it is definitely a recommended read!
If you can't get it at your local library, or would like a copy for yourself.. check out Amazon. They often sell used books for less.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby thrown away!

What a heartbreaking story I just came across, a baby born alive in an abortion clinic thrown in the trash. See the story here for yourself. Thanks An'Re for posting this.

I just want to go back in time, pick up the baby and take her for my own... if only women really knew all of their options and how badly babies are wanted in this country.

We all need to be in prayer for our nation! This is how it treats life... so sad!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Storing & Using old Grocery bags...

As lots of you probably do, I reuse my grocery bags as trash bags in my bathrooms and in the small can under my kitchen sink. I always leave a few in the bottom of the trashcans to make for easy changing too.

I know, I know... I should use the re-usable canvas bags already! But, I've been patiently waiting for a store to give some away with a promotion. After all, wherever I buy them, I will be advertising for them... shouldn't they give them to me if I'm a valued customer? We'll see if that happens. In the meantime I may have to buck up and buy a few to keep the incoming bag supply down.

Other uses...
I take extras along when we travel or go camping, you never know when you'll need an extra bag.

We often have a self-serve roadside vegetable stand with our excess veggies and people often take more when there are bags available. We have actually run out and someone left some behind for people to use!

We've used them to save a wet paint brush for another day. Simply place the un-rinsed paint brush in a bag and twist the bag tightly closed, then put in your freezer (works with latex paints). Pull it out a short time before you're ready to work on your project again.

Storage of the bags can be a problem. They take up a lot of room and can accumulate quickly!
I have a holder that I bought at a craft store that stays visible in my kitchen, but is easily accessible.

You can buy modern ones at places like Amazon.com and Bed Bath & Beyond if you need something with a sleek design.

Other possible free storage options... great way to have a few in your car, "just in case"
Empty Kleenex or tissue boxes
Chip containers, like Pringles or Lays
Thanks Randall and Donna at The Frugal Life News for this tip

Please recycle!
By all means, if you're like me and haven't invested in the re-usable bags yet, please recycle them. Just use one of the bags to store the rest of them in as you unpack your groceries and put them in the trunk when you're done. Most Walmarts and many grocery stores offer a box in the entryway for recycling these bags.