Friday, September 26, 2008

Frugal Dishes...

I've read several times that you can use vinegar as a rinse-aid in the dishwasher. I was hesitant for a long time to try it because I was afraid of the odor primarily, but I was also getting rinse-aid at a reasonable price with my coupons at the store.

A few weeks ago my bottle ran out and I found I only had one left in my stockpile. I decided to go ahead and try the vinegar to see how it worked before I spent any more money trying to restock my supply of rinse-aid.

I'm happy to say that I have used vinegar in my rinse-aid compartment of my dishwasher for at least a month now and find it works wonderfully. Actually, it probably does even better than the rinse-aid! Hubby and I will occasionally use a wine glass with dinner and I always had to check them over for spots with rinse-aid... not so with the vinegar. They come out beautiful!

The odor I was so worried about??? There is none. The only time I've smelled vinegar at all is when I filled the dishwasher compartment with it... nothing since.

Now.... what to do with that last bottle of rinse-aid?


Jerralea said...

I've been doing this awhile and it really works!

Kate said...

You know, I used to do this all the time but somehow got out of the habit. Thanks for the reminder. I'm definitely going to get back in the habit.

Anonymous said...

Mix 2c of vinegar, 1/2c of rinse aid, and 1tsp of dish soap in a spray bottle. You now have a frugal shower cleaner! It's the same as the type you spray on after your shower and let it sit. No scrubbing. It really works!