Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My mission... update

Last week I set out to find someone around me that needed something. Anything from a smile to money, time, whatever God seemed to send my way. I wanted to seek out what God would have me do for him. I think it is something that we need to be conscience of all the time, and I was doing this mission in an effort to make myself more aware of those around me and what of God's work I could be doing for people in my daily life.

It never occurred to me what would happen. I am a "night owl" so to speak and Hubby a "morning person" which has always been a challenge. I'm have most of my energy in the evening and he's ready to check in early most of the time. Lately it has been more that way due to some overtime he has been offered. His company is struggling, so overtime is a rare occurrence and you take it when you can get it. So, he has indeed been extra tired.

On top of that our 3 yr old has not been wanting to sleep at night. Once he gets to sleep, anytime he wakes at all he is hollering for me to come help him get back to sleep which disturbs Hubby's sleep as well. He's been doing this a few times in the first 2-3 hours of his sleep.

I have been having trouble going to bed when Hubby is ready lately, and knowing that our little guy will be up again soon. I've been staying up later than my normal just so my sleep isn't so broken. I seem to be more tired if I try that approach.

The other evening Hubby was ready for bed and our little guy went to bed a little easier than he had been. I decided to go ahead and turn in early too. Hubby was so happy to have me to snuggle with while he went to sleep he told me "Thanks for coming to bed with me." We have always been snugglers (maybe too info, I know) and he missed falling asleep with me beside him more than I realized.

Didn't think my mission would be so close to home, or at home for that matter. Something I will be working on now that I've realized it.

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