Friday, February 27, 2009

90 Minutes in Heaven...

I don't often get to read like I would like to, but I love to read.

I picked up the book 90 Minutes in Heaven at my church library this past week & have to say it's given me a new perspective of Heaven.

I've only had the chance to read from it briefly twice and am surprised at how quick a read it's been.

It's about a man that is basically considered dead at the scene of a car accident. The other victims of the accident are being treated, he is left alone with a tarp over his car, waiting for extraction equipment... not to save him, but to get his body out for his funeral.

During the time he is "dead", he speaks of his experience entering heaven. What an amazing account of what he experienced and how he had to deal with life after that!

Although I've not finished the book yet, it is definitely a recommended read!
If you can't get it at your local library, or would like a copy for yourself.. check out Amazon. They often sell used books for less.

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