Monday, September 22, 2008

Been away....

It's been several days since my last post... sorry! Hubby's brother got married Saturday and we spent some time with his family Friday and Saturday.

His dad was in town, he has a home in North Carolina and one in Florida and we only usually see him if we go visit him or if a major event happens here. Hubby would like to see him more often, but due to the drive and getting time off work we just can't. We like to spend some of our vacation time on vacation and not just visiting family. He doesn't know his dad well because his parents divorced when he was young, but would like to have a chance to. We spent some time with him Friday evening and Saturday evening and had a good time visiting. I know Hubby and his brothers would have liked him and his wife to have spent a little more time here before they headed home.

I feel for Hubby because my family is intact and well. When we started dating he would come over for dinner with my family and we would all sit at the table and eat together and then either sit in the same room and watch television together or pull our a board game or card game and all spend the evening together. That was something he never remembered his family doing and relished coming to my parents home for the evening. Sometimes I wish I could change his childhood and memories and give him that experience but then he wouldn't be the man he is today that I love so much.

You hear so much that children of divorce, more often than not, end up divorced themselves because they didn't have the example of a good marriage modeled to them. I worried about that for a long time when we started to date seriously until one day he told me that he never wanted to divorce in his life because he saw what it did to his family, and he and his brothers, and would never want that to happen to his family. Since then he's said it multiple times and uses my family as an example in his life. He's learned from them a life lesson... you may not always get along or agree with everything, but you have to compromise and work together even when things are tough. If you can get through the tough stuff, there's always beauty on the other side of it.

Hubby and I are so different in so many ways. He's and extrovert and likes to be the life of a party, I'm the quiet one visiting off to the side trying not to draw attention to myself. He's the last born and I'm the first, he's the one that's ready for bed early and I like to go to bed late and sleep in, he's the spender and I'm the saver, and those are just a few of our differences. Sometimes it's hard to see how two people who are so different can work together so well, but I feel like that's where God has some humor and where God allows us to compliment each other. It remains that we both vow to love God and follow Jesus together until our mission here is complete.

We've had our situations and shortcomings, we've fallen and had a major struggle along the way, but with God's help we always find our way through these things together and better for it. We have determination to stick it through the tough stuff no matter how hard it is, how much it hurts, or how many times we have to step down and say "I'm sorry." God intended that if a man needed a companion that he be joined with one woman for life so that he not fall to the desires of the world.

I'm happy to say that 13 yrs of marriage for me has been good. I dearly love my Hubby, he makes me laugh, drives me crazy, and he's handsome too :) All those year together seem so much shorter, guess they say time flies when you're having fun!

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