Wednesday, September 3, 2008

House to Home Mission...

This week I'm going to tackle the Master Bedroom. I'm always trying to keep the rest of the house presentable in case someone would happen by. I often forget about our bedroom because we don't "live" in it.

I realize that our bedroom should be a haven away from the busyness and work of the day, a place we look forward to relaxing in at the end of the day. Somehow stuff just accumulates there. We don't have a lot of extra storage in our home (we live in an old farmhouse we're updating) and what we do have is full, so when something needs a place it often finds a spot in a corner of our room.

I've been collecting things to take to Goodwill or The Salvation Army and have a small pile of my son's outgrown clothing worthy of putting on ebay. On top of that is a collection of Boyd's Bears that I've decided I'm ready to part with... but do I try to sell them, or store them away in case they're worth something someday? I'm trying to minimalize my home to make it more relaxing and pleasing to the eye, but all that stuff is finding it's way to my bedroom.

I'm not even sure I want to see what's under the bed! I know my hubby has hidden some of the little ones old outgrown toys under it in an effort to see if they'll be missed. It's also served to house some of my freebie finds that I didn't know when I would get to trying out, one of which is a sticky carpet roller? if I remember right.... maybe that one will go into the donation pile.

When I get through all of the stuff I'm planning to shampoo the carpet. My mom purchased a carpet cleaner years ago and we borrowed it when we moved in and have asked her several times to take it back. She doesn't have a lot of extra storage either and just says, "I know where it is if I need it." I guess it's good to have handy with a 3 yr old running around the house now.

Then I'm on the lookout for a nice basket or hamper to fit a small corner inside the bedroom, right next to the bathroom. I've been using a very old basket there, but it's too big and has some broken slats in it I'm afraid might catch on our clothing.

I need to search through my candle stash and see what I can do to decorate the room with what I have on hand. I may invest in a nice floating shelf to put them on and need to get a frame for a picture that I've been wanting to hang in the room.

I now get to face the fact that there's no way I'll get all of this done today! I have to take small steps throughout the week to make it work. I find that if I tackle something head on and full force I never finish it completely.

My husband was home Monday and we completely cleaned and rearranged the living room.... well, almost. I didn't get through the magazines on the ottoman yet, and hubby didn't take the speaker down off of the television that is no longer in use, but aside from that it looks like a new room.

I have to face the fact that two working together are much better than one with a 3 yr old alongside... on second thought, maybe I need to take two weeks in the bedroom!

Today I plan to clean all of the bed linens, fluff the pillows and replace them... I really need to get another set! I'll also try and tackle the corner of the bedroom since that's what I'm dreading most. I'm going to do things in small bits here and there as to not get overwhelmed by it, and so the rest of the home doesn't suffer by my concentration there. I've had that happen before too... clean one room and the one next to it becomes a disaster zone.

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