Thursday, September 4, 2008

House to Home Happenings

Yesterday I was able to succeed at my goals of cleaning the bedding and clearing out that ever so dreaded corner (aside from hubby's box of college art he's going to find a home for in the shed). It didn't take too long so I set out to keep up on the rest out the house.

I spend some time just tidying up the place. We've had a crazy week, and there were several areas that needed some quick attention. I usually sort through the mail and the bills every day when it comes in and I had two stacks to go through. I'd already sorted them into important and not too important, but the final task was still at hand.

After I got through the mail I mopped the dining room floor and had my son put his toys away he had stopped playing with so they would be off of the floor in time for his Daddy to come home.

I find that quick spurts of effort make keeping the house in order much easier and more enjoyable. To top it off, hubby came in the door and said, "The house looks nice hun." Guess those couple of piles of mail were really noticeable.

I have to say that my house is not as tidy as they come, but I do put up a good effort to keep it presentable. We don't live without the occasional pile of clutter, and don't look in my closets! There are times that you might find yourself in an avalanche!

I'm sorry to report that I wasn't able to get anything done in the bedroom today. Between preschool and groceries it didn't happen and the evening is full.... I guess tomorrow's a new day to start anew.

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