Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Works-for-me Wednesday...Backwards Week (#1)

As you can see, this is my first time submitting to works-for-me wednesdays and this is fun! I happened to come along at the backwards edition which means instead of me giving you an example of something that works for me, you give me tips on what works for you....

Here goes...

In my last post I let you in on the fact that I am cleaning out the Master Bedroom. In that bedroom, as well as strung throughout the house, are Boyd's Bears that I have accumulated through the years. We have had the bears for several years and I'm sure they are all retired and no longer being made versions.

My husband and I are working on making our home more simple and calming and find the bears are no longer need to decorate our spaces. We're doing more with wall color and furniture arrangement and less with stuff just sitting around, and with a 3 yr old I just don't have time to move them around and clean them all the time.

My dilema... what to do with them? Many, but not all of them have memories attached to them such as getting them as a special gift, or purchasing them on vacation.

I have two options...
  1. Box them up and store them up in the shed where they'll be forgotten about until one day they're worth something, all the while and hoping the mice won't find them.
  2. Sell them, piece by piece or altogether on ebay. I have no idea if they would be worth anything to anyone... this might involve a little research.
What would you do? I don't think I could get hubby to give me an honest answer because he'd be afraid to hurt my feelings, but guessing I think he would say just get rid of them, even give them away..... but my response "What about the one we got on our first trip out of the country together? (Although it was just Niagra Falls) or "What about the one ....?"

I have no idea how many I have... some are already in the shed (didn't have room for them when we moved)... this could be ugly.


Awesome Mom said...

I would sell them. I know it sounds harsh, but you really don't seem to have the room to properly display them. Yeah there are some memories attached, but it is also going to take a lot of work to keep them looking nice and mouse free.

Carrie said...

I would definitely put them in the shed (I'm a super-emotional person)- but in one of the big plastic Rubbermaid storage tubs- NOT in a box. Mice can't get into Rubbermaid tubs, in my experience, but EVERYTHING else, they can.

I also wanted to thank you for your helpful comment on my post about getting my son to take a sippy cup- I will definitely try letting my hubby do it, and also try giving him juice. I've never given him juice yet, but he might like it. Thanks so much for your help!